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    Greetings everyone!
    We're happy to announce that we'll be launching the skyblock server this weekend!

    Thats right! At 1PM EST this Saturday the Skyblock server will be released to the public.

    I want my rank back from the previous servers!
    Do not worry! We've already made sure that all ranks will be given back. The below list is the rank-changes from the previous network to ours. Meaning what you had will be converted to a WorldMC Rank.

    Snow - VIP
    Blizzard - VIP
    Storm - Hero
    Subzero - Hero
    Arctic - Warrior
    Frosty - Lord

    Anyone who purchased a rank on Nebula (The Survival Server) will be receiving a free VIP rank for on the Skyblock server. Obviously this is only for the Skyblock server. Once the Survival server releases, Nebula players who previously had ranks will receive the appropriate rank from the list above, whilst Frosty players (coming from the previous Skyblock server) will receive a free VIP rank.

    The ranks will not be worth an exaggerated amount, nor will include pay 2 win aspects. We know what happened in the past, and we believe we can turn this around, welcoming back all the old players and making sure we all have fun together.

    The Buycraft link.:
    The Buycraft store is still on-going changes prior to the release date

    What About Survival?
    Survival is still in the works whilst we focused heavily on Skyblock. Do not worry though, we're continuously making sure the survival server will be up to our standards. Expect an update about Survival soon!

    Hey don't forget about those of us from Prison!
    We'll we're happy to let you know we're working on a Prison server as well! More info will also follow soon!

    Will you guys hold any competitions?
    I wish I received the money the old owners did, I'd be rich and could easily do competitions on a constant basis. But sadly they scammed both you and me, and for that we are both upset.

    Throughout the next weeks, there will be $100 amazon gift-card to be given away. In order to be entered into this, you must reach an island level of 1000 or greater! Anyone who reaches this number will automatically be entered into the raffle!

    This is all Coming soon. But we will be hosting a dungeon run competition when it comes. This will be one of our larger competitions with a major prize pool! We are actively working on creating multiple dungeons, and custom bosses!

    I highly recommend you guys to start grinding now on creating both the best loot you can, and also get to the highest island level possible!
    Hint: This will help you greatly during this competition.

    The Staff team is very keen to meet you on the Server! The wait is soon over!!
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    I had Storm rank on frosty but only received VIP on the server
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    Make a Purchase support thread in the appropriate section please!

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