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    Here are some basic map rules/info

    1) You are not able to build in the earth world until you create a town (/t new)
    2) The wilderness world, nether, and end worlds will all be reset every couple of weeks to renew resources. These worlds are to gather resources to build up your town.
    3) There is no scamming allowed on the server.

    Player Permissions:
    - /pwarp set <warp>
    - /pwarp <warp>
    - /pwarp help
    - /sethome (3 set homes)
    - Ability to make chestshops [​IMG]
    - /towny help (towny commands)

    The server has a Dynmap Link:
    As the world loads, more and more will become discover able through dynmap. To find coords temporarily id recommend using the following link:

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