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    Welcome everyone to WorldMC's Official forums!
    For any confused people coming either from FrostyMC or Nebula, do not worry! I will be explaining everything in this thread.

    An Apology.:
    Most of you will know this by now but a few months ago I purchased both Nebula and FrostyMC from the old owners. Not knowing that they had scammed the community, I walked into an utter mess. After losing almost a thousand dollars and many hours of work, I was left in the same situation many of you players have been, angry, upset, and confused.

    But the past is the past, and we all must learn to step forward. After taking some time off, I figured it might be worth opening something for those in the community to play.

    From here on out WorldMC will be a none P2W server. I will continue to run the network out of pocket, but keep in mind this will mean slower updates as I will not be able to afford a team to work alongside me.


    Tomorrow (12/25/19) I will be releasing the survival server. The community has voted, and the main map will be an earth replica. There will be two worlds, the earth world where players can make towns and play together, and the wilderness world where players must gather their resources, fight off others, and build their wealth.

    In the wilderness world you will not be able to make towns, however you can make temporary bases and hide your goodies! Once every month we will reset this wild world to refresh the resources, and ensure they never run out.

    This is an almost fully vanilla server. There are a few features I have added to enhance the gameplay a little bit. Those include:

    - Each player gets 3 set homes
    - Players make create and/or join towns
    - Players can create chestshops
    - Each player gets to create 2 playerwarps (/pwarp set (warpname)

    The community has spoken, and scamming WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. To report someone for scamming, please provide proof and follow the format under the reports section of the forums. The basic rules will apply, please dont go on a swearing rampage, threaten others, use your common sense. The point of this server is to make it as vanilla and non-p2w as possible, so I will be keeping a hands off approach. Thus, there will be few staff members, to allow for players to just have fun.

    I look forward to playing with you all again, and just having fun. I know this community has a lot of anger built up, but I hope we can just have fun playing alongside one another here.

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