Greetings everyone!
We're happy to announce that we'll be launching a BETA test in the upcoming week. Here is all you need to know.:

  • The Beta will start on October 19th, and last til October 20th.
  • We will only allow a limited amount of players in the BETA. This will depend on your activity throughout our network.
  • The BETA will have the Skyblock gamemode. Surival gamemode will come at a later date.
  • All BETA applicants must have a Forum account and joined our Discord Server.

How do we apply?
Very easy! Just Click Here.

When and Where do we hear back?
We'll be messaging Testers on Discord, a couple days before the BETA goes live. If we do not receive a message back, we'll have to find someone else.

What are you expecting from this BETA?
We want to hear player's input and suggestions. We also want to make sure the server is bug free.

Where can I post a suggestion or bug-report if I join the BETA?
You can post a suggestion in the #suggestion text channel on Discord, whilst directly message a staff member if you found a bug. We'll usually make sure a staff member is always online on the server whilst the BETA is ongoing, if no staff member is on, you can message them on the forums or discord.

Do we get anything from being in the BETA?
Yes, you do. We'll be giving items depending on your activity whilst the beta is ongoing and how helpful, you've been.

Do we keep our progress from the BETA?
No, once the server launches publicly, all progress will be lost.

WorldMC's Staff team is very keen to start this journey with you!
WorldMC BETA!...
Welcome everyone to WorldMC's Official forums!
For any confused people coming either from FrostyMC or Nebula, do not worry! I will be explaining everything in this thread.

First off, both the mentioned Servers will be combined to form WorldMC.
- Both discord servers will remain active and monitored by the staff team.
- On Both servers we will give back the ranks people have previously purchased.
- Both servers will be free to play without any pay to win aspects. However, we will still have ranks and other stuff on the store, which we hope you guys can give input on to make it worth purchasing without the pay to win factor.

We at WorldMC are striving for a long and successful server with community inputs, ideas and suggestions. We hope to have you back to try out the server which will be launching in a matter of time (More updates to follow in the upcoming days) and give us a chance!

Our Staff Team is not huge, but it is very experienced in running servers, some of us have been doing this job for more than 7 years, and are very keen to take on this project with a community like yours. You may know some of us from our work on many of the largest networks. We are excited to bring this knowledge onto these two servers. Staff applications will be open from the publication of this thread, as we look to expand and get to know all of you.

Our Staff team consists of the following Members as of the time this thread has been posted.:

[Owner] - AlphaVoids
[Community Manager] - Empti
[Developer] - MrMarshall
[System Dev] - igloo2225
[Admin] - ItalianRedstone
[Admin] - Zman
[Moderator] - BrokenInformer
[Moderator] - xJal
[Moderator] - NoClues

So where are we at?
At the current time, we have a nearly finalized Skyblock server experience with plenty of stuff to do such as the following.:
- Quests
- Bosses
- Dungeons
- Trade Center
- Crates
- PvP
- Minions
- Events
- Tournaments
- Guilds
& More!
Ohh right! There is also a spicy price after each season!

Meanwhile the team is also working on the Survival server, and whilst that's happening we'd love to hear some suggestions!

Conclusion & links
We hope to hear from all of you and please do register on our forums!
To connect to our Skyblock WorldMC Discord server Click Here.
To connect to our Survival WorldMC Discord server Click Here.
Please understand that both discord servers are being reworked to fit our liking, whilst we are doing so, we appreciate any input of what you'd like to have.

The entire staff team is keen to meet you and will gladly respond to any questions you have in the Discord server or on the forums. A New Beginning!...